Assessment Process

Heather F. Adams, Ph.D. Neuropsychology in Wellesley, MA offers clinical evaluation, which includes the following:

  • Initial Meeting With the Parents
  • Testing Sessions With the Student
  • Interview With the Teacher, Tutor, and Therapist via Phone As Applicable (With Parental Consent)
  • Comprehensive Report of Results With Individually Customized Recommendations for Treatment
  • Feedback Meeting With the Parents

Each test battery is selected based on the student’s age and individual diagnostic questions. All services, including meetings, test administration, and report writing, are provided by Dr. Adams herself and not by a postdoctoral trainee or technician.

Types of Evaluation:

This procedure is recommended if you would like to address various concerns about learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, anxiety, and other cognitive, behavioral, or emotional concerns that may be affecting your child’s ability to function at home and school.

Parents or physicians may be concerned about a child’s delayed developmental milestones, notable difficulty in sitting still or following directions, or immature play or social skills. This assessment process includes specialized tests for young children to evaluate cognitive development, language, social skills, behaviors, emotions, adaptive skills, pre-academic skills, and play skills.

For older children, adolescents, and college students, the testing includes a comprehensive evaluation of cognitive, academic, behavioral, and social and emotional strengths and weaknesses in the following domains:

  • IQ
  • Learning and Memory
  • Language
  • Visual-Spatial Functioning
  • Attention
  • Executive Functioning Skills (Organization, Planning, and More)
  • Reading, Math, and Writing,
  • Behavioral and Emotional Regulation (Psychological and Emotional Issues)
  • Social Skills
  • Visual-Spatial Functioning

This type of assessment is appropriate for children whose parents would like to know if their child has exceptional cognitive abilities. The evaluation includes a detailed assessment of cognitive and academic skills and social, emotional, and behavioral development.

After the evaluation, parents will gain a clearer understanding of their child’s strengths. School and grade placement advice will also be provided. Sometimes, children with exceptional skills in some areas have relative areas of weaknesses in other areas. In such cases, these domains will be evaluated and explained to the parents and their child. Then, Dr. Adams will provide them with relevant recommendations.

Additional Services

IQ Testing

Parents will be given a report of IQ scores, including a brief explanation of the scores within 24 hours of test completion. This type of IQ testing is usually required in some independent school admission applications.

Hourly Fee Services

For an hourly fee, Dr. Adams is available for school observations, participation in team or individualized education program meetings, and consultations with other professionals. She can also meet with a child’s school team in order to review educational recommendations.

Follow-Up Appointments

If your child has been previously evaluated by Dr. Adams, you can ask for a follow-up appointment. During follow-up meetings, parents may seek advice or support regarding changes in their child’s behavior, emotions, or school performance.